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10. децембра 2021.

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Digital Library Poreklo is one of the most important projects of the Society of Serbian Genealogists “Poreklo”. It was launched at the beginning of 2017 with the aim of collecting all important genealogical literature in one place. What makes this library special is its searchability. All titles found in the library are text-searchable.

In addition to books and magazines that deal exclusively with genealogy, the library also contains a significant number of other literature, which by its nature is related to or serves as a supplementary literature in genealogical research. These primarily include books and magazines in the field of history, geography, ethnology, linguistics, heraldry and the like. These domains in the library are sorted by collections.

Collections of Digital Library Poreklo

The library can be searched in several ways. It is possible to search the entire library, desired collections, or just a specific title, book or magazine. The search is performed separately by Serbian Cyrillic entries, Serbian Latin entries, English entries, or a combination of all of the above.

The three most important collections are Chronicles of the villages. SSG Poreklo realized the project of digitization of this valuable literature with the support of the Cultural and Educational Association of Serbia during 2012, and only these three collections count more than 500 books.

Detail from the collection Chronicles of the villages

Among the more interesting collections are certainly the collection of Biographies, with more than 100 books of biographies, then the collection of Serbs and neighbors, which contains more than 200 titles about the life of Serbs with other nations, both in the former Yugoslavia and in the Serbian diaspora.

Detail from the collection Biographies

For researchers, it is certainly worth mentioning the Bibliography collection, because it offers unimaginable possibilities, given its searchability. Many rare and lesser-known works have never come into general use, and now, with the the possibility to search entire collections of books, papers and articles, one can often come across works that have evaded even the most careful researchers for decades.

Special part of Digital Library “Poreklo” is collection of Books in Foreign Languages which counts more than 170 books on Serbian topics and of Serbian authors in foreign languages. Most of the books in this collection is in English which are part of Poreklo’s Serbian Library in English.

Detail from the collection Books in English

In addition to the mentioned collections, the Society is especially proud to be able to present the Books of Members of “Poreklo” in its Digital Library, some of which were partly authored thanks to our Digital Library.

Detail from the collection Books of Members of Poreklo

This library is available only to Members of the SSG “Poreklo”. Digital Library “Poreklo” currently has more than 7,000 titles and is being supplemented with new titles on a weekly basis.

The digitization process is managed by the Committee for Digitization, which currently consists of six members. It was established at the same time as the Digital Library “Poreklo”.

In September 2019, the Digital Library “Poreklo” was presented to the world public. Members of the Committee for Digitization and the Editorial Board of the Serbian DNA Project participated in the international IFLA pre-conference, which was held in Belgrade. They presented a paper on the topic of the Digital Library in the service of genetic genealogy. [v. MIHICH, Velibor and RAJEVAC, Milan and TODOROVICH, Branko (2019) Digital Library in The Service of Genetic Genealogy]

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