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8. децембра 2021.

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The Foundation Poreklo is a long-term project of the Society of Serbian Genealogists “Poreklo”.

When, at the end of 2019, the Society was forced to move out of its former premises, and bearing in mind that this meant moving nearly ten thousand books, it was clear to everyone that the Poreklo needs to be provided with more permanent accommodation. That is how the idea of building the House of Serbian Genealogists arose.

At the beginning of 2020, members of the Society from various professions examined the possibilities of realizing such a project from different aspects. Thus, before the regular assembly in February 2020, the project proposal for the construction of the House of Serbian Genealogists “Poreklo” has appeared. The members of the Society decided to support the proposal because it had an ingenious approach to the idea and superb drafts, sketches and acceptable expense estimates. The estimated time of project implementation was three years.

Bearing in mind that the funds for this project will be collected from voluntary contributions of citizens, it was also proposed that this project would be implemented in two phases.

The first phase was the establishment of the Foundation “Poreklo”, a special legal entity, which according to the Law on Endowments and Foundations is exempt from paying taxes on freely acquired funds (voluntary contributions, gifts, donations, financial subsidies, legacy, etc.). In order to establish the foundation, it was necessary to collect the minimum founding capital, which according to the same law amounts to 30,000.00 euros.

With the contributions of members and friends of the SSG “Poreklo”, the first phase of the project was realized on October 21, 2021, when the Foundation “Poreklo” was registered with the Serbian Business Registers Agency (ID 28833156).

The second phase implies the continuation of collecting the remaining necessary funds for the purchase of real estate in which the House of Serbian Genealogists would be located, which according to the decision of the Editorial Board of the Foundation “Poreklo” amounts to 100,000.00 euros, which is an estimated price for a real estate in the wider center of Belgrade.

The formation of the Foundation “Poreklo” leaves the possibility to solve the issue of the Society’s accommodation by bequeathing real estate to the Foundation, which would meet the needs of the Society with its area and location.

The ultimate goal is to house the Poreklo’s Library in the House of Serbian Genealogists, which currently has more than 12,000 books and magazines in various fields – genealogy, history, ethnology, archaeology, linguistics, heraldry, as well as other related sciences and scientific disciplines.

Such a property would enable the unhindered development of numerous projects, which have, during the years they’ve been active, reached their maximum capacity, and which are now often hampered by the lack of adequate space for work. With the realization of this project, the SSG “Poreklo” would in the true sense grow into a Research Center, where employees on a daily basis could collect, process and publish both genealogical and other related materials.

The House of Serbian genealogists “Poreklo” would be the first genealogical library in Serbia.

Fundraising to achieve the goals of the Foundation “Poreklo” can be followed on the page of the Foundation Poreklo which is updated daily.

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