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8. децембра 2021.

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Poreklo’s Library Catalogue is conceived as the central catalogue of the Poreklo’s Library. It was launched in the middle of 2018, when the need arose for cataloguing the Digital Library Poreklo. At that time, the standard for entering metadata was adopted, which will be applied during the cataloguing of the book corpus of the Library “Poreklo”.

The catalogue database is organized in seven categories, according to the type of material. The three key categories are Books, Periodicals and Articles. In addition to them, there are also categories for the inventory of archival, pictorial and cartographic materials, and categories for digital media.

Detail of Poreklo’s Library Catalogue Search

In less than four years, more than 16,000 items have been included in this catalogue, of which more than 6,000 books and magazines, and more than 9,500 articles.

Each catalogue item is accompanied by a corpus of required and optional data.

Required data are Title, Author, Place of publication, Publisher and Year of publication, then it is determined which of the previously mentioned categories the title belongs to, followed by data on the Number of pages of the title, Category in the Digital Library to which the title belongs, and data on whether the title has been digitized, date of upload in the Digital Library’s collection, and finally the Script in which it was written.

Optional fields are Notes, Region and Place to which the title refers.

Detail of visible metadata for one catalogue item

The special value of this catalogue consists of articles from the most representative ethnological and regional journals that are listed as special catalogue units. There are especially valuable articles that have been published in the native periodicals, which are rarely listed in this way in standard library catalogues. The current list of articles has shown how inexhaustible periodicals are as a source of data in various fields of research and how valuable it would be to list the complete periodicals of the Poreklo’s Library in this way.

Detail from the review of specially listed articles from the journals

The book catalogue is searchable and gives an excellent overview by author, title, year of publication, publisher. Also, wherever there was a basis for that, it was mentioned that the book deals with certain geographical areas or places. For each publication that has been digitized, in addition to a detailed record, there is a link to that content in the Poreklo’s Digital Library.

In the course of 2020, the registering of all publications in the collection of the Poreklo’s Library began. Once this project is fully completed, all of the books from our library will be available for search in the Poreklo’s Library Catalogue. We remind you that this is a unique, specialized, genealogical library that currently has more than 12,000 publications.

Only Members of the Society of Serbian Genealogists Poreklo have access to the Poreklo’s Library Catalogue.

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