Y-DNA Rare Subclades Research Project

Association of Serbian genealogists “Poreklo” has launched the research project of rare subclades of various Y-DNA haplogroups. A more detailed profiling of these rare subclades, which are often “basal” (they represent some of the first branches of Y-DNA haplogroups that are being researched), would give a clearer view of the origin and early spread of individual haplogroups, which would be interesting for the entire community that is engaged in genetic genealogy.

The need for this project initially arose after the appearance of new tested individual on the Y-Tree of Yfull (company which analyzes the raw data of “big tests” of the human genome), with a following ID – YF89281. His paternal ancestry is from Bosnia and Herzegovina and his Y-DNA subclade was determined as I2*. YF89281 belongs to one of the basal branches of I2 haplogroup, which is extremely rare worldwide and is only present in the FTDNA company’s database; its designation is I2b-L415. Given that it had a very early separation and a rather different development compared to other, much more numerous I2 branches, its further research and profiling would provide insight into the early history and spread of the I2 haplogroup itself. The first step in that direction would be to “pair” the tested YF89281 with another confirmed I2b-L415 individual on Yfull’s Y-Tree, making the branch visible on the said tree.

This project is conceived as a place where individuals interested in the study and profiling of rare subclades of Y-DNA haplogroups which are found in Southeast Europe can make a monetary donation for the following goals:

  • raising funds for the ordering of the STR tests or of the individual SNP tests for candidates for whom there are indications that they belong to one of the rare subclades;
  • raising funds for the ordering of the “big genome tests” (YSEQ, Dante Labs, Nebula Genomics) for the candidates who are confirmed to belong to one of the rare subclades;
  • raising funds in order to pay for the Yfull service (analysis of raw genetic data and placement on Y-tree) of candidates that belong to one of the rare subclades and have done one of the “big genome tests”.

The first priorityof this project would be to raise funds to order a whole genome test from Dante Labs, Nebula Genomics or YSEQ for another confirmed I2b-L415 individual, with the forwarding of the raw results to Yfull once the sequencing is complete. In addition to this, it’s possible to propose the research of other rare subclades of various Y-DNA haplogroups and to donate the funds for their profiling.

Donations for the project can be sent via Paypal (the e-mail address is [email protected]), with the following purpose of payment –  “Rare Subclades Research Project“. If you want to donate funds only for the research of a specific subclade, then you need to follow-up with the designation of that subclade, e.g. “Rare Subclade Research Project – I2b-L415”.

If you’re located in Serbia, donations can also be paid to the account in RSD (Serbian dinars) in the Banca Intesa bank [Recipient: Association of Serbian Genealogists “Poreklo”, Ljuba Vuckovica 11/2, Belgrade – Purpose: Rare Subclades Research Project – Account number: 160-536822-04].

08.12.2021.Vladimir Bojanovic (I2b-L415) – 5000 dinars

08.12.2021. Dragan Obrenovic (I2b-L415) – 5000 dinars

09.12.2021. Veselinko Vasic – 18,57 euros

09.12.2021. Nikola Pavlovic – 84,56 euros

10.12.2021. Radosav Cvorovic – 6000 dinars

10.12.2021. Danilo Lukic – 1000 dinars

10.12.2021. Zivorad Milicevic – 1200 dinars

11.12.2021. Zoran Cosic (I2b-L415) – 3000 dinars

11.12.2021. Srdjan Polic (I2b-L415) – 23,48 euros

13.12.2021. Damjan Martic – 3000 dinars

17.12.2021. Mira Paounova (I2c-L596) – 28,33 euros

20.05.2022. Mandatory monthly subscription for Nebula Genomics WGS test – 19,72 euros

20.05.2022. Yfull analysis for tested Anicic, I2b-L415 – 41 euros

Total – 299,99 euros

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